Power Translator / Multi-Lingual

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Be culturally sensitive and show to the world that international nature

Softwares, as well as the internet began as an English speaker's invention and as a result was dominated by English speaking users, softwares and sites. However, times are changing. With the growing numbers of people buying PC's, softwares and internet access available from Nigeria to New Zealand, English speakers are begining to be in the minority when it comes to internet and computer use.

Results of research carried out by Nielsen-Netratings in March 2010 described foreign internet markets as "low hanging fruit, i.e. if you have the will and foresight there are massive revenues to be found for relatively little effort." Since the easiest opportunities are in countries where applications and internet usage patterns and user/site relationships are less established.

Image is everything. Demonstrate to the world that you think, work and deal internationally.

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