To compete in today's e-business world, companies need to transform their business processes and infrastructure by integrating common business solutions and technical elements.

Below is a list some of our business solutions:

Our E-Voting system (E-VS) is designed for electorates through computers, programmed with convivial Graphical User Interfaces. The complex treatments and features are achieved at the levels of applicative layer and database. Several security measures were integrated into the E-VS in order to achieve an enhanced, speedy and accurate performance. Since the future is now, it is about + read more

Starting an online business? Looking to make your online shop stand out from the crowd? Choosing the right shopping cart is one of the most crucial steps to making your e-shop a success. The most important goal is to find the program that includes desired features at a desirable cost. We have developed softwares to provide you with the most suitable ecommerce solution for any of your ecommerce projects! CartRangers is an advanced feature rich + read more

WebRangers remains the major business partner for major Bulk SMS provider in Africa. We are a global player in business texting solutions and so, provide Short Code, Long Code and Toll Free SMS. If you are looking for Bulk SMS Service Provider in Africa, Business SMS, Premium Bulk SMS Service or Bulk SMS gateway for your CRM, We can provide that for you. From bulk SMS & desktop SMS to SMS API gateways, if you need a business texting provider, + read more

To be productive is not a simple thing. In today's learning environment it's a joint effort that involves parent, teacher, school owners and alumni. Engaging parent and teachers in the success of a child goes a long way. Our education portal allows for learning beyond borders. Beyond borders is where teachers parent, alumni and school administrators are brought together Our education portal helps parent to gain insight into what subject(s) + read more

Give your customers the tools to make the most of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Easy content sharing through Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other Web 2.0 webistes.

Effortless account creation and logging in with Facebook Open Graph.

Quick bookmarking through use of readily available social media tools.

Leveverage influential capabilities of social media by integrating Facebook on ecommerce websites.

Connect your website with the rest of the online world, allow users to connect their online profiles through your website and give them the power to easily share your content.

Increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your web pages more relevant to visitors.

Increase customer trust by using on-page elements.

Improve calls-to-action to incite the user to become your next customer.

To increase the percentage of visitors to your website who take an action such as purchase or request consultation (aka "conversions"), we perform conversion optimization.

Promote a positive image of your company with our online reputation management services.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve visibility of positive mentions of your company.

Deal with criticism head-on to eliminate it if possible, or conceal it.

Remain vigilant and pro-active.

Whether you take a proactive approach or in need of repairing a negative online perception of your company, we can help improve your reputation, online.