AppRangers SMS API

Why visit different SMS sites when you can send SMS on your website?

Need to reach a large group of people?

Do you own a website?

Do you want to own your own bulksms site?

Do you want to be a BulkSMS reseller?

Yes? One more question... What are you waiting for?

Our SMS API is provided free of charge and supports all major development languages and environments including ASP, PHP, C#, JAVA, etc, which can be easily integrated into your applications and website to capture visitors enquiry in real time. All enquiries received from your web site will be sent to your pre-configured mobile number through SMS along with visitors contact details and enquiry. Read on for more information about key features and check out our Developer Section for info on integrating with our SMS API. Click here to download our SMS API

Our bulk SMS gateway offers superior quality text message delivery and reliability with over 300000 users worldwide.

Key Features

Integrate SMS with your business applications, websites and other softwares

Send SMS from your applications

Real time delivery report through API

Uptime greater than 99.9%

Premium message routing with optimized reply path

High performance, uncongested international network

Sample code available for immediate download

Software: Bulk SMS, Email SMS, Web SMS

Send concatenated message (long message) upto 459 characters

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