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Do you know that each day thousands of domain names are being registered? Seize yours now before someone else grabs it! Even if you are not ready to have a website, you can register a domain name and leave it on our servers for as long as you need.

From now on you can save a lot on cheap domain registration offered by AppRangers. Don't lose time and register as much domain names as you want, because now the domain registration is so fast and so affordable.

We provide a wide range of domain extensions, no setup fee or any other hidden fees.

We aim to establish long term relationships with our customers and strongly believe that providing quality, effective, and affordable services will help us gain and maintain a good position in the global hosting services marketplace.

By providing quality and reliable hosting at very competitive prices, we build up a better understanding of the customers' business, and this helps us deliver a better and more effective service.

Our hosting services are used and trusted by more than a thousand customers around the world. Among the main missions of our company is helping our customers build reliable presence in the web and realize their full potential in online business.

As we constantly update and improve our hosting services, we provide quality and reliability to all our customers. Our prices have made us good competitors among other hosting providers.

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Our Working Culture

AppRangers is led by a team of young, forward thinking entrepreneurs. We nurture a culture of inquisitiveness and initiative amongst our employees. The atmosphere we strive for is informal, but without being laid back. Suits and ties are a no-no as we don't believe this formal dress aids creative minds.

Client Relationships

Foremost to our business is the long term relationships we build with our clients. Many of our clients have been working with AppRangers for several years based on the personal relationships that we build.

Our aim is to fully understand your project, not just technically, but from a business point of view as well. This enables us to offer suggestions on how you can make your site a success.

Each client is assigned a personal Business Development Executive who will act as your point of contact in the company. In some cases we let the client have direct access to the programmers, but this is quite rare.

There is a distinct and clear chain of command at AppRangers, so if at anytime the client is not happy about the level of service they are getting, the issue can be moved up the chain to get it resolved.

Working with an application outsourcing company is a lot different to working with an inhouse team or a company located in the same city as yours. Communication channels need to be clear and frequent. Our experience has shown that the most successful projects are done by clients who have kept in regular, daily touch with us, either via email or telephone to clear up our questions and feedback.

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