e-Voting Solution

We are the biggest vendors of e-voting machinery and also among the largest vendors of voter-registration technology. We are one of the four significant players in the e-voting market in Africa and three in the voter-registration arena.

Election fraud and vote tampering is as old as government. Before the election revolution, most voting was done by voice. Voters would call out their pick for all to hear, which lead to intimidation and other nefarious tactics by those hoping to impact election results. The creation of the secret ballot was an improvement, but brought with it another host of possible modes of manipulation. Now the creation of our e-voting system is an improvement blocking most loop-holes for tempering of votes.

Our E-Voting system (E-VS) is designed for electorates through computers, programmed with convivial Graphical User Interfaces. The complex treatments and features are achieved at the levels of applicative layer and database. Several security measures were integrated into the E-VS in order to achieve an enhanced, speedy and accurate performance. Since the future is now, it is about time that conventional voting give way to E-Voting and hence simplifies the task for Electorates, Deputy Returning Officer and Returning Officer.

Our E-Voting application has shown an accurate and speedy performance. It has being tested and used in different organizations, higher institution of learning in Nigeria and also student assocaitions. Our clients which include the University of Ibadan, Falculty of Science Students' Association, just to mention a few.

Due to the sensitive information during election, several elements are held into account during the processing of our E-voting system:

Functionality: Our voting process is functional and simple putting in mind voters have little knowledge of the E-voting process. The E-voting system also provides a unique interface that prohibits any attempt to tamper with the system itself

Confidentiality: Knowing fully that the voter's ballot needs be accurately and confidentially registered, confidential precautions were put into place. The E-voting system confidentiality feature protects voters' choices in a way that it will be impossible to join a voting and a voter well to prove the voter's ballot.

Security: Since ballots are not meant to be intercepted nor tempered with, the results are not made known until the official opening of the electronic urn. Only eligible voters whose names appear on the Voters List are entitled to vote and according to the law the voter has the right to vote one time. Our E-voting system considers all invalid ballot cast before the opening or after the closing of poll.